Projects You May Be Interested In


After many years of mainly photographing local netball and football matches I’m trying to get back into some creative image making. All the areas I’m interested in require people, ordinary everyday people, maybe just like you. In exchange for your time I’m able to provide some A3 inkjet  prints (B&W and colour) using high quality archival paper and pigment inks plus any images you like in digital files. These will be colour corrected, cropped and re-sized to your choice. If Time For Prints isn’t your thing then I’m also happy to discuss an hourly rate.

Who am I looking for ? Any age, both females and males but you must be over 18

I’ve borrowed some images from one of the best photography sites as examples of what I would like to achieve.


Environmental Portraiture’s


Simply a portrait taken in the environment of the subject. The example below is my boss Matt, taken in his mechanical workshop. Matt isn’t the type of guy who would be happy in the studio, but in his own playground was happy to be photographed. I was very happy with the result and would love to do more.

Photographer : Bruce McKean

Photographer : Jacek Korzeniewski

Studio Lighting

Over the years I have built up a fair bit of studio lighting gear (flash heads, soft-box’s, umbrellas and a beauty disc). Now I’d really like to push for a higher standard and hopefully produce images that stand out like the one’s below

Photographer : Jayesunn KrumpPhotographer : Michal Kula
Photographer : Daniel ChorupPhotographer : Daniel Zega

Nudes & Implies Nudes

Not too many nude models around my area (zero) so I usually have to nag friends and friends of friends. Although most of my models have started out quite nervous all have enjoyed the experience and quite often bring a friend for support. You don’t have to be a supermodel you just need to feel comfortable in your own skin .

Photographer : Henry NieminenPhotographer : Dusan DuPe Petho
Photographer : Zoltan LovasPhotographer : Alexander Brucolini

If you are interested or maybe have some of your own ideas, please drop us an email