Reunion #1

Friday Night

Thanks to the hard work of Val Lee (Munro) and John (clucky) McCluskey a joint double school reunion was organised for October 03. The reunion covered my year (1971-1976) and the form below (1975-1977). First event was the Meet & Greet held at the Cobram Barooga Golf Club; although not a large gathering, the night was a great success and enjoyed by all. For me, this night was a great buzz; just amazing to catch up to old friends you haven’t seen for a quarter of a century. Some old class mates I would never have recognised [Leanne Jones & Bruce (pud) Linde], while others look very similar to the last time we met (Roger Morrissey & Rhonda Mills). Unfortunately, I decided not to take a camera, but thanks to my friend Leanne Evans from Redgum Photographics, I have the official group pictures from the night. If anyone who had a camera there that night and wouldn’t mind sharing some of their images on this site could you please e-mail me.


Saturday Night

Time to catch up and renew old friendships was the theme for Saturdays function held at the Barooga Sports Club. This was a much larger gathering than the previous night and to describe it in one word would have to be fantastic. There were old school friends which I hadn’t expected to be there and others which I had almost forgotten about. This time I decided to take my camera, but due to the great time I was having, it was only used at the beginning when Murray Creighton was conned into taking some shots at the group photo session. Much later in the night, it was used again when I insisted on having pictures taken with old class mates (photographer/s unknown) and finally a group picture was taken of those left in the room by Neville Brasser (Debbie Brooks husband. In the near future, I’m hoping to get permission to publish the shots taken by the Cobram Courier. I would love to hear from anyone who was there that night and took pictures as there are many who missed out on both the official photograph and my snaps and who I would like to have published on this site.