Reunion #3

The Reunion!

The invitation arrives. At first I feel excitement, as I’ve lost contact with many of my school friends over the years, then anxiety – what will it be like? And then ….. reality, my god! – there isn’t enough time to diet or for a major face lift! I make contact with some “old” friends to see if they are going. Apprehension turns back to excitement as they confirm their attendance. Memories flood back, and many questions arise – Who will be there? Have I changed very much? Will people recognize me? Will I recognize them?

Saturday NightI met with friends prior to the start of the evening for a quick meal and so we arrived together at the Sports Club. It’s amazing how easily you can slip back into the friendships formed so very long ago, as if they were only yesterday.

Upon arrival, the room was a maze of faces searching for someone familiar to chat with. It was amazing how easily some people were recognized and yet others required a harder search of the memory banks! Nicknames immediately sprang to mind and yet real names sometimes seemed harder to recall! Poor Duck, I don’t think anyone could remember his real name!

I had a fantastic night catching up with old friends and other classmates I hadn’t really known while at school – some people I had entirely forgotten about (which sounds awful), but 27 years is a long time!

It was great that Bruce McKean & others had provided old photographs for the evening as these often were the topics of discussion throughout the night.

Sunday: After such a late night (4.30 am) it was up for bacon & eggs at Hodgies by 9 am! – but we did it!

School Tour: The roll-up for the school tour was quite small, but memories flooded back whilst walking around. It was great to see our ex-Principal, Ian & Nancy McKean, and Jean Winter (remember those many dress-length checks at assemblies!) attend for the tour as well.

Although many, many people attended the reunion, it was disappointing that still many others did not. Val & John had a mammoth task to firstly find, invite, and then coordinate this event and we all owe them a huge thanks for spending many hours to make it so successful. Personally, I thank them for allowing me to rekindle many old friendships and acquaintances.


Thanks to Wendy Ratcliffe for this article