Cobram High

The following galleries are associated with my schooling years between 1971 and 76 at Cobram High School. The first two galleries were taken on the last day of school as we broke up for exam study. For our end of year prank, we rounded up all the HSC teachers and locked then up in the basket ball courts; a great way to finish the year!!. Photography for me at this stage was quite new. I had a second hand Olympus trip 35 a roll of black and white film and a desire to capture this day forever. The results were a total disaster for me when I processed the film a few days later. They were out of focus, suffered from movement blur, had scratches and left over chemicals all over the negatives. I was unable to obtain a single print. The negatives went into an old envelope and were untouched for the next twenty-five years.

A school reunion in October 2003 made me realise what good memories I had gathered over those school years and what good friends I had made. It’s also motivated me to pull out those old negatives and with the help of computer software like photoshop and image magic, I’m now able to get am image which is viewable. If anyone from my school years happen to stumble across these pages, I hope they bring back some happy memories for you as they have for me. If you enjoyed these galleries, please feel free to either send an email or fill out the guest book ,or maybe even send in your own pictures if you would like to have then added. All the best – Bruce


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  1. I was a student at Cobram High from 1965 when we emigrated out from Northern Ireland. My maiden name was Anne Rowan.
    My best friend at school was Dianne Hogan. Cobram was a lovely introduction to life in Australia. We have been in Australia for 50 years this year and I am going back for a holiday in Ireland in June/July this year.

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